[clug] [glug] tomcat problems

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Fri May 9 09:39:08 EST 2003

I found these articles useful background in what's going on.
Nice and concise.


Next time I'll read them *before* I set the server up. :o)

(For a basic overview, read the first three at the bottom of the page;
 which cover description, installation and application deployment)



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Rousak, Boris wrote:
> word?). Has anyone out there played with tomcat or knows of any tutorials
> out on the net that explain in lamens terms how get tomcat to compile
> programs. I would really appreciate any info or comments at this point.

Tomcat compiling programs? I don't think so (well, not unless you want 
to get pedantic about JIT compilers, but then it's not Tomcat anyway). 
I'm not an expert on Tomcat configuration, but I believe you'll need 
finished class/jar files to work with; preferably a war file.

I have done some servlet deployment/fiddling in the past, but I'm now 
sufficiently rusty I can't give specific instructions.

 From memory, you need to add a section or two to the top-level Tomcat 
configuration file, and/or a trivial (almost empty) configuration file 
in the servlet's directory.

I think that you can also just specify a war file (if available) through 
the management interface and it will deploy it; but this will not be 
written to the config file, therefore it will not survive a restart.

The Tomcat doco is a bit obtuse, but it is quite complete - when you 
find the phrase that's helpful.


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