[clug] GF4 ti4600 for sale

Anthony Wesley awesley at acquerra.com.au
Thu May 8 09:55:17 EST 2003

For Sale: ASUS V8460 video card (GeForce 4 ti4600, 128Mb fast ddr ram)

Just upgraded to a 9700pro, must sell the "old" card to help pay for the new card. The 4600 is about 10 months old, has 
performed flawlessly.

It's always hard to know what price to ask for 2nd hand stuff, but these cards still sell new for about $500 - $600, so 
I reckon asking $250 is ok.

You're welcome to test it any way you like onsite before taking it away, but I'm not going to vouch for what you do with 
it after it's out of my sight, so no warranty :-)

regards, Anthony

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