[clug] Debian apt question

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Sun May 4 16:21:17 EST 2003

Rob Shugg (rshugg at kinetitech.com.au) wrote:

> What is my best course of action to get back to testing?

Hi Rob,

Downgrading debian releases is not simple, but it is straightforward,
documented, and works. What you need to do is get the version numbers of
all the programs you have installed from unstable in testing, set a pin
priority in apt to override (1001?  I forget... it's in the manual), and
then "apt-get dist-upgrade" to downgrade to those versions from testing.

When you have both sources in your sources.list, getting the version
numbers is as simple as "apt-cache show <foo>".  It'll give the info for
both, you want the number for testing.  I believe this goes along with
the package name and pin priority into apt's preferences file.

man 5 apt_preferences  should help, also the debian documentation on
using APT has an entire section devoted to targets and downgrading.

(I once got rid of a faulty XFree86 using this method)


-- Matt
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