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                    System Administration Symposium 2003

                          Wednesday, April 9, 2003

	      Where:	Room 5, The Australian Industry Group,
			20 Queens Road, Melbourne 3004
	       When:	9:00am on Wednesday, April 9, 2003
	       Cost:	see options below...
	        Who:	all welcome

   For some time, the feedback AUUG has been getting from members has been
   that they feel we are not doing enough in the System Administration
   space and that they would welcome AUUG doing something here. Consequently,
   AUUG has decided to have a Systems Administration Symposium, along the
   lines of the other symposia we've run in the past and continue to run.


                 AUUG Systems Administration Symposium 2003

               Theme: new challenges in System Administration

   This is the first in what AUUG intends to be a regular series of
   symposia on the theme of System Administration. The intent is to have
   as a theme the new challenges in Systems Admin being brought to us by
   new technologies or new application of existing technologies. To this
   end we have assembled the following speakers on the following topics:

	8:45	Registration & Refreshments

	9:20	Deploying and Managing Linux systems with RPM, APT and Kickstart
		Mike MacCana - Cybersource
	10:00	KARA - cfg management with rsync/cvs/ssh
		Adrian Close

	10:40	Break

	11:10	Abusing the Debian ipmasq package
		Martin Schwenke - IBM OzLabs Linux Technology Centre
	11:50	User authentication in heterogeneous networks
		Matthew Geddes - Tellurian P/L.

	12:30	Lunch

	13:30	Capacity planning/measurement
		Peter Harding - Peter Harding & Assoc.
	14:10	Zeroconf networking
		Brad Hards - Sigma Bravo P/L.

	14:50	Break

	15:20	Restoring Modern Sites after a disaster
		Terja Lange
	16:00	Sys Admins - Business Custodians?
		Trevor Jones - StorageTek
	16:40	Storage Futures - Modern SANs, NAS and direct attached storage

	17:20	Close

   The Symposium will be held in Room 5 at The Australian Industry Group,
   at their premises at 20 Queens Rd, South Melbourne on Wednesday April
   the 9th, 2003. As Indicated above, the presentations will start at
   9:00am with registration occurring immediately before this.

   The following attendance options and their associated costs are

	* $130 - AUUG members
	* $150 - Affiliated Users Group member (BUGS, ISOC, SAGE, etc.)
	* $180 - Non Members
	* $50  - AUUG student members
	* $70  - Students

   For more details please visit the Symposium Web page at:


   To register please download the following PDF file and return the
   completed form to AUUG .


   We expect to make online registration facilities available directly.

   Please forward any other queries to sysadm at vic.auug.org.au


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