Debian testing - where do I get it?

Felix Karpfen felixk at
Wed Mar 19 07:34:32 EST 2003

All the listed Debian Australian sites offer Debian 3.0r1.  According 
to the Debian, Debian testing (Sarge) is scheduled to be released as 
Debian 3.1.

Having been advised that my current setup (RH 7.1) is well and truly
obsolete, do I wait for Debian 3.1?

Or settle for second-best (Mandrake 9.0|9.1)?  I really cannot face
downloads from the Net of 40-60 Mb in order to get more recent versions
of the kernel and XFree86 - even if it is a trivial exercise for people
with 24-hour broadband access.

Felix Karpfen 

Felix Karpfen
felixk at
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