Fwd: Linux audio software

Daniel Smith drs at dreamcraft.com.au
Mon Mar 3 15:31:32 EST 2003

Sweep is extremely good at what it does (I saw Conrad's workshop).

However he himself said it is probably not ideal for mastering.

Currently (AFAIK) Sweep is RAM based, which for 96kHz/24bit will
get particularly ugly. He currently pitches it at live performance,
and single, short track sampling/mixing.

Chances are a 'serious' audio user (someone looking at a MOTU Digital
Performer/Digi Pro Tools) would want something that was able to
sync MIDI as well. I believe Rosegarden is aiming at this space, but
it might be awhile yet.

In the Digital Audio Workstation territory Ardour
(http://ardour.sourceforge.net) is maturing.
Horses for Courses.

Robert Edwards said:
> On Mon, 3 Mar 2003 11:14 am, James McNeill wrote:
>> Can anyone shed some light?
>> TIA,
>> -James
>> >Which audio software works in linux? Is linux any good for audio
>> >creation
>> > and >manipulation and mastering? Why?
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >Cheers,
>> >
>> >Ash
> "Audio Software" can mean a lot of different things to different
> people.  However, one program that got quite a bit of attention at the
> Linux.Conf.Au  conference in Perth in January was Conrad Parker's
> "sweep" :
> http://www.metadecks.org/software/sweep/
> seems to do most of what I would be thinking about when I hear the term
> "Audio  Software for creation, manipulation and mastering".
> Also, Conrad is an Aussie developer, so it must be good.
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.


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