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Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jun 19 06:47:57 EST 2003

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On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 12:48 pm, Michael.James at csiro.au wrote:
> The curse of the Pharaohs on info files
>  and all that entomb documentation in them!
> What I really want to do is have a read about tar.
> You know, "man tar" and use as much (or little) of less as I want to.
> But no, on the very bottom of the man page is a note.
> This page is out of date, it's really just a placeholder
>  to stop complaints about it being missing completely.
> I should use (is enjoy compulsory?) info!
Don't confuse the file format (which isn't that bad) with the reader (which is 
"what can we do that is as difficult to learn as emacs, and designed to run 
on a minimal termal).

I don't know when it was introduced, but my Konqueror installation just allows 
me to type
into the  Location bar (where you'd normally type http://www.google.com.au)

That allows a fairly usable browser capability, which is probably OK if you 
don't need too much. If you need a lot, I'd recommend converting the TeXinfo 
into PDF or postscript, and print it out and read on the bus.

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