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Rodney Peters rpeters at pcug.org.au
Thu Jun 19 13:31:44 EST 2003

michael james wrote:

> From: Michael.James at csiro.au
> To: linux at samba.org
> Subject: [clug] info to html script
> Date: 18 Jun 2003 12:48:44 +1000
> The curse of the Pharaohs on info files
>  and all that entomb documentation in them!
> What I really want to do is have a read about tar.
> You know, "man tar" and use as much (or little) of less as I want to.
> But no, on the very bottom of the man page is a note.
> This page is out of date, it's really just a placeholder
>  to stop complaints about it being missing completely.
> I should use (is enjoy compulsory?) info!
> Having lost patience (you can tell can't you) with infoing
>  with no knowledge of info, I type "info info"
> This leads me into a Byzantine labyrinth,
>  from which I emerge with the impression
>  that this arcane throwback to the bad old days of curses
>  is trying to implement HYPERLINKS!
> Perhaps it invented them and we all should send money to SCO?
> I don't care,
>  anyone know a good CGI script that can render info into HTML?
> Something that will implement:	http://localhost/info/tar
> I mean, to get help info off the screen, just type ^X0
>  that's intuitive isn't it?
> Back to tar,

I've not taken much notice of kioslaves until recently, but am now finding
them quite useful. Entering the following:


into the Location box of Konqueror, produces a very readable,
scrollable, coloured rendition of the man tar text. Or just:


produces a hyperlinked list of man pages - beats me why those are not in
alphabetical order. The man pages are not hyperlinked internally, but
entering the following:


produces the hyperlinked info menu, from which you can access the
internally hyperlinked info pages. If one has trouble remembering the
"intuitive" navigation keys of info, one can just resort to the
browser's navigation buttons ;-).

In the same vein, if http://localhost:631 for the Cups server is not intuitive to you,


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