[clug] Clug mailing list & Spam (also the CLUG website)

James McNeill James at heague.com.au
Thu Jun 5 08:58:37 EST 2003

How about bouncing all non-australian (.au) domains? (except subscribers, of

The vast majority of people who use the list send from .au domains, while
the vast majority of spam doesn't.

It's not perfect, but it might help for the moment. I'm generally opposed to
white lists, even if you can easily subscribe. It'd detract from the open
nature of this list.


> 1> Recent days have seen large increases in the amount of spam hitting
> the list - perhaps its time to review the decision to allow
> non-subscribers to post?
> I suggest the following:
> 2 classes of subscribers, one which gets the list delivered, another
> which is post-only (this covers those people with multiple email
> addresses).
> Informative bounces to non-subscribers, telling them how to subscribe.
> Possibly bouncing HTML email?
> 2> I'm in the process of developing a portal/news style site a'la
> Postnuke/Geeklog/etc. The difference being that its:
> a> Based on Postgres (along with all the fruit that that provides)
> b> Built with security in mind
> c> Fast! Many pages only require hitting the DB for the session
> information. Most pages load in <100ms.
> d> Easy to develop for (based on my own DB abstraction layer &
> templating engine)
> Theres 2 modules written for it at the moment, a ShortStories module
> which allows single page news articles (and an image), and a StaticPages
> module, which allows static HTML pages to be integrated into the site.
> The next one I'm working on is a Polls module, then Forums and online
> shopping.
> Anyway, I figure that CLUG would get good use from it (and I'll get some
> quality testing) so I'm happy to grant a license to CLUG. Depending on
> the legal structure of CLUG, I may hold the license myself, or grant it
> to Tridge, Bob Edwards or Eyal. All someone needs to do is come up with
> a decentish theme for the site. I'd do it myself but my graphical skills
> leave a lot to be desired.
> --
> Alastair D'Silva           mob: 0413 485 733
> Networking Consultant      fax: 0413 181 661
> New Millennium Networking  web: http://www.newmillennium.net.au

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