VIRUS: Re: [clug] Re: Open Source promo stall

Darren Freeman daz111 at
Tue Jul 29 10:33:44 EST 2003

Dear all,

It has come to my attention that the email I sent to the list, reproduced below, somehow got an infected attachment.

The virus is called BUGBEAR, and it lives in the attachment "Old Excel Documents.lnk.pif".

There's no record of me sending the attachment, and in any case, *I*run*Linux*.

So some server along the way was infected with a virus that infected the mail, possibly before it made its way to the list. That's what happens when you skimp out on an OS and get a window manager that thinks its an OS ;)

I don't expect that any list members got into trouble with this, in that it requires you to be using M$ clients and have the innate auto-click reflex that's present in the wider population.

But if somebody had problems, sorry dude!



On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 19:47, Paul Bryan wrote:
> They have "Powered By Linux" case badges for around $1, so that might be a bit more realistic.

Yeah I think I suggested that right at the beginning. It's a good idea
to have those badges at a computer fair for the brand-new cases going
out. But really somebody who doesn't have a copy of Linux isn't going to
want a case badge until a few months later when they've committed to
using it full-time (or even longer if they've got lots of Win-based
games like most fair-goers I suspect).


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