[clug] rsync for beginners

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Wed Jul 16 09:49:36 EST 2003

Here's an extract from a cheat-sheet I prepared for staff:



Copying files to a remote server using rsync:

rsync --delete -p -r -t -e ssh /my/local/filesystem/ ajr at host.domain.gov.au:/my/remote/filesystem/

	--delete	Delete files in destination if they are not present in the source
	-p		maintain permissions
	-r		copy recursively
	-t		Preserve datestamps
	-e ssh		Use Secureshell as the transport

	Source and destination can be defined as:
		user at hostname:/path/name

	Use of a trailing slash is important:

	rsync user at source.domain.au:/foo/bar user at destination.domain.au:/garp/ply
		Will create /gar/ply/bar on the destination

	rsync user at source.domain.au:/foo/bar/ user at destination.domain.au:/garp/ply
		Will copy the content for /foo/bar into /gar/ply

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I have recently discovered the services offered by PlanetMirror.  These
include downloads via rsync.

Before I can make use of this option, I need to know how to use rsync.
At present, all I been able to find is that RH 7.1 has installed
rsync-2.4.6 on my box together with indigestible man pages for rsync and
rsyncd.conf and little else in the way of documentation.

Given that rsync is a local product, I live in hope that there is an
"Rsync for Dummies" somewhere.

I have flagged "http://rsync.samba.org/" for download, but thought that
some CLUG members might have a few hints to help me find my way in a new

Felix Karpfen 

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