[clug] Linux on mirrored disks using software raid 1

Michael.James at csiro.au Michael.James at csiro.au
Mon Jul 7 11:35:09 EST 2003

Over the weekend I tried getting linux running
 on software mirrored disks.

Starting with a pair of 80 Gig Western Digital disks,
 I partitioned them identically,
	hde1		32 Meg	/boot
	hde2		7 Gig		/
	hde3		7 gig		/altOS
	hde5		2 Gig		swap
	hde6		57 Gig	/home

The boot partitions are plain un-raided ext2
All the rest are Linux RAID, set to mirror each other.

Set this up and built Suse using YaST.
It was a bit of a fiddle getting through YaST's raid creation.

Boots fine, works runs etc
 but when I pulled the power plug out of one drive
 the system went into a decline.
In 5 minutes it was catatonic.

After a reset it hummed for half an hour
 re-syncing the "faulty" disk.

So I'm unimpressed, seems I have a system
 with half the reliability for twice the cost.

Anyone had any better or worse experience with this?

Anyone got any recomendations for Linux-friendly
 hardware raid solutions, (twin ATA100 cards?)


Michael James				michael.james at csiro.au
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