OT - phone answering machine?

James McNeill james at heague.com.au
Thu Feb 27 15:38:08 EST 2003

you can make a pretty cool message bank system (amoung other thins) using
Linux telephony. check out http://www.linmodems.org/

just incase you had nothing better to do with your time ;~}


| Sorry for this O.T. question, but I thought I'd quickly pop it in before
| tonight.
| I have a TransACT phone service, but TransACT, in their usual, highly
| efficient way of getting on with the job (eg. TransCity!!!), don't have an
| equivalent to Telstra's MessageBank, and Telstra won't provide it to a
| TransACT phone service (not surprisingly!). And, of course, TransACT can't
| tell me when they might be going to provide it!
| So, I am wondering if anyone on this list might have an old phone
| machine going spare that they might be willing to sell - and bring it
| to CLUG tonight?
| Cheers,
| Bob Edwards.

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