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Damien Elmes clug at repose.cx
Tue Feb 25 23:33:22 EST 2003

Michael James <michael at james.st> writes:

> Dear Rob,
> You agree about the "vcards", well for me "untitled"
>  is just another system-I-don't-subscribe-to.
> Maybe I should, but even then your attachment "untitled.7",
>  would have to be dealt with outside the email.
> It would be more convenient if it was attached
>  to the email in a signature, it's not that much text.

I think this is silly. If your mailer deals with PGP attachments improperly,
change your mailer to something else. Personally I think signing messages is
a very good step towards more secure communication channels. Any "netiquette"
that frowns upon this most probably originated in a time when the internet
was a much safer place.

And yeah, I hate vcards too. But my MUA doesn't dump them on my desktop and
annoy me. Work around other's tastes, don't try and change them.

> Pardon me hanging onto my slow old Mac
>  but I'm waiting for a linux port of Nisus.
> (Actually I'm waiting for any decent
>   non-word-lookalike word processor.)

Sounds like you should be reading your mail in emacs ;-)

Damien Elmes

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