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Tue Feb 25 20:40:34 EST 2003

Jepri <jepri at> wrote:
> And while we're asking, is anyone willing to be an advocate?  This is 
> different to the application manager, and more like just proposing 
> someone for a club (minimal work).

Actually, it's more like speaking for a new member of the Mob. An
advocate is saying "Yes, I've seen this applicant's work first-hand, and
they would be an asset to Debian". Advocates must be reasonably familiar
with the work of the applicant and confident that the applicant is
technically competent, dedicated enough and understands the organisation
that is Debian.

> Not much point getting your keys signed if you can't get past the first 
> step..

This isn't quite true either. Get your key signed whenever you have the
opportunity. Even if you don't find an advocate straight off, you might
find someone who is willing to sponsor your uploads for a while, then
advocate you.

This page attempts to track people looking for a sponsor, but it's not
an official Debian thing, nor is it the only way to find a sponsor:

The debian-mentors at mailing list will be useful for
those looking for a sponsor/advocate.

Besides, more GPG sigs are never a bad thing. They help strengthen the
web of trust, even if you never end up joining Debian. Regular
keysignings should probably become a CLUG fixture (not that I turn up
more often then once in a blue moon anyway).
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