integrated raid controllers

rob shugg rshugg at
Fri Feb 21 08:56:33 EST 2003

So if I get one of these motherboards can I set up the integrated raid
controller as a standard UDMA controller so I can set up my software raid 5.

Also, if I wanted to use a 4 disk setup 3 active + one spare all as primary
IDE drives, would I loose anything by having a small slave IDE to boot the
system? I am just thinking(possibly naively) simplicity of setup while still
having good performance.


On Thu, 20 Feb 2003 20:04, you wrote:
> > > Does anyone have any experience with the new motherboards with
> > > integrated  Promise raid 1 0+1 controllers?
> > >
> > > and what if I want raid level 5, would I be better off with a couple of
> > > UDMA  controllers and software raid?
> > >
> > > Rob
> The low end Promise & Highpoint RAID controllers *are* software RAID,
> they have some smarts in their firmware which patch the BIOS to let the
> machine see the array when called through BIOS calls (eg, DOS). If you
> have a look at the source code for these devices, you'll see that all
> the smarts are in the drivers.


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