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Steven Hanley sjh at
Thu Feb 20 14:10:05 EST 2003

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 02:03:21PM +1100, Bolin, Robert wrote:
> This is going to seem like a strange, or even silly, request but does anyone
> out there have a copy of Debian 2.1 or earlier lying around that I can
> either grab a copy of, or take off your hands? I'm trying to install Debian
> on an old laptop with only 8Mb RAM. The 4Mb laptop HOWTO assumes that the
> rescue disk will boot (which it doesn't in this case because the Debian
> rescue floppy has needed 12Mb to boot since 2.2 apparently)...

I have 2.1 cds sitting around at home and can make a copy and bring them
along to clug next thursday or whatever.

> Other alternative is if there are any Debian install gurus around that can
> suggest a way around my problem. Intention is to get something working via a
> network install and then "apt-get dist-upgrade".

My suggestion would be stick the drive in a big machine with more memory for
the initial install. We have here (work) a dongle thingy that allows you to
attach a laptop ide connection to a desktop ide thing (technical terms
everywhere here) which you could use at clug next week also if need be.

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