Debian 2.1

Bolin, Robert Robert.Bolin at
Thu Feb 20 14:03:21 EST 2003

Afternoon all,

This is going to seem like a strange, or even silly, request but does anyone
out there have a copy of Debian 2.1 or earlier lying around that I can
either grab a copy of, or take off your hands? I'm trying to install Debian
on an old laptop with only 8Mb RAM. The 4Mb laptop HOWTO assumes that the
rescue disk will boot (which it doesn't in this case because the Debian
rescue floppy has needed 12Mb to boot since 2.2 apparently)...

Other alternative is if there are any Debian install gurus around that can
suggest a way around my problem. Intention is to get something working via a
network install and then "apt-get dist-upgrade".


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