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I have just subscribed to netspeed and I am trying to get my pppoe connection to work on a dual p100 IBM Netserver.I should also say that before starting with linux I checked that the connection is working with a windows standalone computer and it is. I have followed the roaringpenguin how-to and I have no problem starting the adsl connection (adsl-start) and adsl-status shows me that the connection is up. I can ping the provider dns server by specifying the interface to use (ping -I eth1 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) but I cannot ping it without the interface tag and my browser cannot resolve addresses. I have tried to fiddle with various things but as I am not an expert it did not get me anywhere. I have searched the internet for one hour plus without much success either.The original setup was done with adsl-setup, I did not configure eth1 as advised in the how-to and although I have a dynamically allocated IP address I did associate an IP address as I saw suggested somewhere that it might make a difference (my network uses 10.1.1.X and I gave an IP address of to the gateway interface). How should I proceed? 

Thanks for your help as I am getting desperate



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