St George Internet Banking

Jim Watson jim at
Tue Feb 11 07:32:13 EST 2003

It works perfetly on mozilla 1.3a. with blackdown java plugin 1.4.1 and psm.
i am using sparc linux debian woody.

mac users were instructed to go off netscape and onto IE6 on OSX so 
thaat was probably the motivator, but it seems like 100% pure java and even 
prints OK,

These are the parameters it sends to fetch the applet:

window.location.href = 'redirect.asp?redirected=True&

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003 05:43, you wrote:
> Hey folks,
> It looks like St George have updated their internet banking in the last
> month or so. They used to use a cut down version of their java-based
> banking software for netscape browsers. It didn't have some of the nifty
> features like BPAY that the Windows client had, but at least it ran.
> It seems now that the win32 version is attempting to load on Netspace. This
> causes 4.7 to crash outright, and I can login at least in mozilla/galeon,
> but once the java applets loaded, it's frozen - I can't click on any
> buttons. At least at that stage I can see the bank balance.
> Has anyone got it working in linux?
> Regards,

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