St George Internet Banking

Damien Elmes clug at
Tue Feb 11 05:43:48 EST 2003

Hey folks,

It looks like St George have updated their internet banking in the last month
or so. They used to use a cut down version of their java-based banking
software for netscape browsers. It didn't have some of the nifty features
like BPAY that the Windows client had, but at least it ran.

It seems now that the win32 version is attempting to load on Netspace. This
causes 4.7 to crash outright, and I can login at least in mozilla/galeon, but
once the java applets loaded, it's frozen - I can't click on any buttons. At
least at that stage I can see the bank balance.

Has anyone got it working in linux?

Damien Elmes

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