USB modem for firewall

bradh at bradh at
Fri Feb 7 13:03:33 EST 2003

Quoting James McNeill <james at>:
> IPcop has support for some alcatel USB modems, but this one's a
> Dynalink
> ALE070 (GlobeSpan chipset i think). Google has shaken her head
> doubtfully at
> me thus far.
It really helps if you can post the descriptors from /proc/bus/usb/devices. 
Lots of people OEM these things, and product names are pretty irrelevant, and 
sometimes misleading.
> Has anyone ever tried to pull off something like this using WINE, or
> even
> bochs or WMware?
Do you really want to run those on your firewall?

Also, does the modem have an ethernet connection?


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