USB modem for firewall

James McNeill james at
Fri Feb 7 11:46:50 EST 2003

gday everyone,

I've got this guy who wants a linux firewall put in. I showed him round
IPcop, and he was very impressed. only troubble is, he has an ADSL
connection with a winmodem in sheep^w USB clothing. I have come across some
Linux drivers for softmodems, but they are few and far between. is there any
way around getting a new modem?

IPcop has support for some alcatel USB modems, but this one's a Dynalink
ALE070 (GlobeSpan chipset i think). Google has shaken her head doubtfully at
me thus far.

Has anyone ever tried to pull off something like this using WINE, or even
bochs or WMware?

thanks in advance,

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