Debian XFree86 3-> 4 upgrade question

Alex Satrapa grail at
Tue Feb 4 12:12:46 EST 2003

On Tuesday, February 4, 2003, at 10:44 , Antti.Roppola at wrote:

> Will it be as simple as apt-get, or am I likely to spend the rest of 
> the evening
> rebuilding stuff?

My experience was that the easiest migration path is to completely 
remove XFree86 3.x, then install XFree86 4.x.  However, in keeping with 
previous threads about Debian stable vs unstable, my upgrade was on 
unstable, at about the time the migration issues were being sorted out.

Out of the four times I attempted to upgrade, I ended up with 3 installs 
where XFree86 refused to work - either at all or completely.  The fourth 
time, I completely removed XFree86, then installed the new version.  My 
success was probably more related to the state of the available packages 
than the particular strategy I used though.

Installing the new version should be simple enough - just apt-get 
install mplayer - all the dependencies will fall in place!
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