Open Source financial systems

Daniel McNamara daniel at
Sun Feb 2 13:09:55 EST 2003

Sorry yes I should have mentioned the clients will be on multiple 
platforms. Web based is simply the easiest to implment rather than 
trying to make sure each client has it's own piece of X talking software 
  configured to run properly. Not to mention should they add a new 
client machine it will make it a lot easier as well. Something that's 
simple and runs inside virtually any browser will do the trick quite 
nicely. The systems does not need to be all singing and dancing.



> Just because the application has a web-based front end hardly makes it less 
> tied to an application.
> Are the users on Linux, Windows or Mac, or a mixture?  Web-based makes sense 
> if you want a non-platform specific frontend, although with recent 
> improvements in the cygwin-xfree Xserver, X is fairly non-platform specific 
> nowdays.

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