[clug] Debian installer with e1000 driver?

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Tue Dec 16 23:30:01 GMT 2003

Michael Still said:
> There's no driver for the e1000. How do I bootstrap the install with the
> right module? I really want to do this, as I want to install the system
> off the network.

I got this hint off google:


> Also, without the network driver I got to the reboot step, at which point
> it printed a screen of "01"'s, and stalled. Did it install the 2.4 kernel
> I asked for during the boot phase of the install, or is the problem there
> that the box has a 2.2 kernel on it now?

The problem sounds like LILO didn't install properly.  Use a better boot
loader, like GRUB instead.  I've never bothered with LILO for years now and
haven't (yet) run into problems like these that still seem to plague LILO


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