[clug] Router / firewall recommendations?

Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Thu Dec 4 07:47:28 GMT 2003

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I'm thinking about reconfiguring my home network. Currently most of the boxes 
hang off an e-smith server on an old Pentium 133 that is the gateway to my 
ADSL. I have to find something without a fan - a newish Via ITX fanless box 
is looking like the goods, but the tests on it with a couple of distros 
haven't had the features I wanted.

I like e-smith (Mitel's SME server) but I don't think it has long term 
viability, and that worries me for security updates etc. It also doesn't 
really provide a firewall / DMZ type concept very well either.

I installed Mandrake's Multinetwork firewall, which has promising IPSEC 
support, but either the configuration setup sucks, or I'm doing it wrong. 
Documentation is light to non-existent.

I'm downloading a coyote linux variant (wolverine 1.2 beta 5) at the moment, 
but it looks like it might want a floppy to hold the configuration, and my 
ITX box doesn't have one.

I'm downloading clarkconnect too. Not sure how that is going to work out.

I guess I'm looking for a firewall that does:
dynamic DNS client support
port forwarding
and supports multiple interior networks (DMZ, wireless, secure)

I'd definately like something with a semi-graphical (HTML, X, even curses) 
configuration interface. 

IPSEC would be nice.

Any suggestions?

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