[clug] Call for Papers: AUUG Security Symposium 2004

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			   Call for Papers
		     AUUG Security Symposium 2004
			   20 February 2004

The AUUG Security Symposium provides a forum for discussion of
security technologies, techniques and management.

Our society today is highly dependent on our almost pervasively
interconnected systems. Hence we are also dependent upon the security
of these systems. As Governments and private industry become
increasingly aware of the vulnerability of our systems there is a
growing requirement for security education and for practioners to
share their knowledge for the greater good.

This symposium aims to fill a gap in the Australian conference scene
between the high cost commercial conferences where attendees hear
mainly marketing pitches and the academic-based research
conferences. It is unashamedly for the practioner in the field who
wants to share (or know about) how to secure their systems (be it a PC
operating system, a huge network or a client server application).

The symposium will be a one day event with paper presentations. This
will be the best opportunity in Australia in the coming year to meet,
discuss and debate your ideas and experiences on information security.

The Call for Papers can be read in more detail at:


The Security Symposium committee is:

     Ben Elliston
     Martin Schwenke
     Stephen Rothwell
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