[clug] CLUG parking fine

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Fri Aug 29 11:15:52 EST 2003

Michael Carden said:
> Sixty bucks to go to the meeting.
> I'm a tad less than amused.

Wow, only sixty bucks?  The ANU have cheap-arse parking inspectors then.
I don't quite understand the problem... you planned on going to pre-CLUG
drinky-drinkies and driving afterwards, and parked in a marked reserved
parking zone.
I recall an old conversation about parking which went something along the
lines of "In Canberra it's $69 to park, but if you pay up front you get a
really good discount".  Since the University requires parking labels, and
hosts this frequent event, it may be possible to obtain a parking label
for the required time.  It's probably worth investigating, because it
would be a shame for such a prestigious academic institution to get a
reputation of being a bad venue due to the nature of something simple like
parking availability, particularly during non-peak periods when ample
parking spaces are usually available.

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