[clug] CUPS problem

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Mon Aug 25 18:18:46 EST 2003

At 3:53 PM +1000 2003/08/25, Michael Carden wrote:
>Sorry I have nothing to add to the `RE: [clug] CUPS verses LPRNG` query, but
>seeing it has prompted me to run my CUPS problem up the flagpole.
>I'm the one who appealed for some newbie-help with my Epson photo printer a
>few CLUG meetings back, and watched as Tridge waded in to the flaky,
>half-baked Debian system I had and convinced the GIMP to output high quality
>colour photos. So far, so good and Thanks Tridge. [as an aside, I did
>finally discover why the damn thing kept locking up that evening... the
>motherboard's previous owner had set some jumpers to select an
>'undocumented' FSB speed]
>I also hoped to get CUPS going so that I could use the printer for more than
>making pretty pictures. I have installed CUPS and the GUI front end and the
>recommended bits and pieces sourced from linuxprinting.org and I can't get
>it to work. I can get a good test page via the GUI. I can output a text file
>via a convoluted lp string at the command prompt.
>Ideally I'd like to use the CUPS GUI to adjust printer settings and manage
>jobs. I'd like to use CUPS to handle printing from various KDE apps, or
>pretty well anything that needs printing services.
>If I try to change any printer parameters via the GUI at
>http://localhost:631 I get a page of parameters to change, and if I click on
>'continue' I get an error: Lost Connection to Localhost. That's fine, except
>I'm sitting at Localhost and I haven't killed CUPS to take away any
>The other error I've encountered is client-error-gone, which I suspect may
>mean the same thing, but since my searches of both the linuxprinting.org web
>site and the CUPS docs tell me almost nothing about it, I can't be sure.
>I've Googled. I've read docs until my eyes bleed. I've posted to the woeful
>CUPS web forum [why not a mailing list fer gawdsake?] with no response at
>I have resigned myself to emailing text documents to myself at work to print
>via our Windows network.
>I'm grateful for any informative suggestions.

I had a problem like this.  I found if I removed all the IPv6 stuff from /etc/hosts everything worked.

Or try

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