[clug] OT: Webone

Brett Worth brettw at cray.com
Thu Aug 21 07:47:47 EST 2003

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Jim Watson wrote:

> Felix Karpfen wrote:
> >out and, at present, everything is running unbelievably smoothly.  But
> >the helpfulness and patience of the WebOne staff was my security
> >blanket.
> >  
> >
> i plan to "wait and see", i contacted the call centre yesterday, they 
> were very helpful too, but it seems they will be very busy for a while

I waited for 55 minutes yesterday for the 132258 hotline number to get
answered.  It never did.

Our company ADSL stopped authenticating with their end.  I "guessed" they
must have switched the domain from webone.com.au to iinet.net.au.  That's
the only reason I'm connected now.

I've found there help line to be totaly useless this week.  It just doesn't
get answered.  I've tried three times.


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