[clug] OT: Webone

Antony Wuth ajw at pobox.com
Thu Aug 21 09:54:42 EST 2003

Brett Worth (brettw at cray.com) wrote:

> I waited for 55 minutes yesterday for the 132258 hotline number to get
> answered.  It never did.
> Our company ADSL stopped authenticating with their end.  I "guessed" they
> must have switched the domain from webone.com.au to iinet.net.au.  That's
> the only reason I'm connected now.
> I've found there help line to be totaly useless this week.  It just doesn't
> get answered.  I've tried three times.

I have had some success in getting calls answered, once I get past busy
signals (I am still using the webone number - it amuses me slightly to
hear the iiNet ppl pretend to be WebOne) normally my calls are answered
in about 20-45 minutes. Once you get onto the iiNet ppl I have found
them all to be pretty helpful but very much in the dark. With a lot of
questions being answered with 'I just don't know' & 'We will have to
leave that problem in place until someone lets us know what is going on'

For now it appears that Transact links are still up and working, some
people are having issues with dial-up - at least one person I know had a
fun 90 odd minute mobile call with iiNet until they finally decided to
move him over to a 019 xxx xxx Number (presumably Telstra DialConnect)

All in all not so much a smooth transmission.


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