[clug] Mirrors for Mandrake

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Wed Aug 6 09:44:28 EST 2003

Dear List,

I have been a little more successful at converting coworkers at ANU
RSPhysSE into using Mandrake dual-boot. I am afraid that the network
costs associated with the mandrake updates is going to spiral out of
control, for example the average install now wants to install 200 MB of
updates if you allow it to. That's about $15 a pop.

We have a server here with some Red Hat updates, and I hear that
tux.anu.edu.au has some mirrors of Debian and Red Hat, but so far I
don't know of a local mirror for Mandrake. I woul really love to find
one as the updates tend to be really solid, like getting the absolute
latest binaries of Mozilla from Mandrake Cooker, for instance. If it
were local I could encourage everyone to try this sort of thing out.

So, do you, like, know of a mirror I could be using? Or know of someone
willing to start a mirror? Maybe the admin of tux is happy to include

This is going to become important now that Mandrake 9.2b1 is out. When
the *mad* rush for 9.2 starts up it's going to be a real gift to be able
to get it from the campus ;)

Thanks dudes!

Have fun,

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