[clug] Failed OS updates - and a request

Felix Karpfen felixk at webone.com.au
Mon Apr 21 04:14:18 EST 2003

I have recently explored the options for updating my current (fully
operational) RH 7.1 box by attempting to install the current versions of
RedHat and Mandrake.  Neither install was satisfactory - for the same

Both these distributions appear to be following the path successfully
pioneered by Microsoft - a path that says to the user: "You do not know
what you want; _we do_".

Which leaves Debian.  At least it concedes the possibility that
differing users may have different priorities and allows the users
greater choice.  However, from a cursory initial exploration, it
appeared to me that I needed broadband access to the Internet to make
effective use of the Debian package.  This seemed a high price to pay
for updating a setup that, for the present,  does all that I need.

Now the request!

One of my Linux acquaintances (in Taiwan) labours under similar Internet
access limitations and nevertheless uses Debian successfully.  When I
asked him how he does it, he wrote back:

'I have my friend burn a CD from an "apt-zip" list I give him, on my
rare trips to town once or twice a year'.

While the monthly CLUG meetings end well past my bedtime, I believe that
I too could manage trips to town (from Fisher) once or twice a year -
given that attendance at the pizza feast is not mandatory.

So, is there an equally friendly CLUG member who would be willing to
offer a similar degree of help - if I ever get that far?  

As indicated in the opening paragraph, the whole exercise is intended
to prepare for  a future in which my current fully functional system
ceases to be viable - a future that may never eventuate.  So there is no
degree of urgency and I can (and will) explore the ins and outs of
Debian at my own leisurely pace.

Felix Karpfen 

Felix Karpfen
felixk at webone.com.au
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