[clug] partitioning hard disk for installing red hat 8.0

Rousak, Boris Boris.Rousak at actewagl.com.au
Wed Apr 16 12:14:36 EST 2003

When I set up my dual boot W2k/RH7.3  i installed windows first at the
beginning of the HD and left 5GB at the end of the HD empty. Then I booted
using the RH CDs and selected the option to use DRUID to partition my hd.
Now at this point normally one has had to create both / and /boot for RH to
work but it seems that if you create / and swap (and /usr if you want to)
but DON'T create /boot, the installation will proceed no problem. The catch
is however that at the end of the installation process you must create a
boot disk and from then on the only way to get into linux is to boot from
that disk and the rest should work fine. I think this could work in 8.0 as
well as 7.3 If anything I've said is unclear feel free to ask.

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I always have problem installing linux because of partiioning my hard disk.
when I want to specify a root file , it doesn't accept it eventhough I 
always partition my hard drive before installing linux but still I don't 
exactly how to partion it.
Could someone tell me what is the easiest way of partitioning of my hard 
By the way I want to have a dual boot [windows/linux].
Thanks for the help in advance.

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