[clug] OT: Office Lighting

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Tue Apr 15 23:45:00 EST 2003

On Tuesday, April 15, 2003, at 05:18 , Grant Morphett wrote:

> I was simply going to get 3 spot halogen lights, one put in above each 
> side where a desk is.  Does anyone see a problem with this or have you 
> a better idea?

One important consideration is glare or distraction - I have an 
incandescent bulb above my head and to the right a little in my room.  
This works fine most of the time, except that I get the slightest bit of 
light directly on my right eye - not much to start with, but I get pain 
and headaches sometimes.

I fix this by wearing a hat (one with a brim, like a baseball cap or 

Don't forget that the downlight on one side of the room might end up 
being reflected in the screen/bezel of the computer on the other side of 
the room - this can be quite annoying, but can be fixed by putting 
directional shades over the lights.

Glare on the screen from the overhead light can be fixed by fitting 
cardboard shades to the monitors.

My suggestion would be to consider making the three lights independently 


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