[clug] Looking for a PAM guru

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Sat Apr 12 22:35:09 EST 2003

Steven Hanley (sjh at svana.org) wrote:
> there is a pam module in the more recent pam versions that does plain file
> lookup of that sort of file for username password, I would have to STFW to
> remember the name though something like pam_textfile

pam_listfile perhaps?  I don't have libpam-doc installed to check for
accuracy though :/  (just going by contents of the pam modules directory)

Also, I believe that pam_unix can take a filename option, which defaults to
/etc/passwd.  Hence you're able to point it at an alternative file(s) to
authenticate particular services.

How many users are we talking about, anyway?  (rhetorical question)  It may
be beneficial to use mysql/postgresql or ldap or something to store their
information, and the appropriate module(s) to authenticate from them...

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