Red Hat linux installation problem 2

Ian Matters ian.matters at
Sun Sep 29 01:46:11 EST 2002

Hi Ali.  What do you know about your hardware?

How is your CD-ROM drive connected to your computer?  Through one of the 
IDE channels or through some other means like a SCSI port or even a sound card?

How old is the computer that you are using?  Quite recent or a few years old?

Can the computer BIOS find the CD-ROM drive?  Do you see the CD-ROM drive 
mention when the computer first starts up?

Can you "see" the CD-ROM drive from another operating system such as 
Windows or even DOS?  Can you read the RedHat disk 1 from that other OS?

What we need to do is to determine if your problem of reading the RedHat 
disk 1 is a matter of a faulty CD-ROM disk or a matter of faulty/improperly 
connected/unusual computer hardware.

Regards, Ian.
At 12:22 AM 28/09/2002, you wrote:
>Hi Ian
>these are the burnt CDs.I didnt' buy them.This is the
>first disk that I have problem with.I used a boot disk
>for linux using MSDOS prompt.(the diskett is boot.img
>or something like that.)
>I desperately need help because I don't like windows
>and I really want to install linux.
>I will appreciate any help.
>long live linux.
>--- Ian Matters <ian.matters at> wrote:
> > Hmmm that sounds like the problem that I had when I
> > did an installation
> > from the $16 CD-ROM set that I bought from a
> > newsagent.  I had problems
> > with disk #3.
> >
> > What sort of disks are you using?  Pressed CD-ROMS
> > or burnt CD-Rs or
> > CD-RWs?  Where did you get the disks?  From a
> > newsagent?  What disk number
> > is it that you're having problems with?  All of them
> > or just one?
> >
> > Ian.
> > ---
> > At 12:37 PM 27/09/2002, you wrote:
> > >Hi fellows
> > >I have a problem installing RedHat linx 7.3.
> > >During the installation I get this message :
> > >"The Red Hat linux cd was not found in any of your
> > >CDROM drives.Please insert the Red Hat linux CD and
> > >press ok to retry."
> > >does anyone have any ideas?
> > >I appreciate any help.
> > >Long live linux.
> > >
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