red hat linux installation 2

ALi.J aj2468au at
Sat Sep 28 23:03:32 EST 2002

Hi everyone
Following the last email that I sent to the list, I
forgot to say that I am using three CDs and I have
problem with the first CD.-->
I get an error during installation of Red Hat linux
7.3.I use boot disk because my computer is not able to
read the CD in the BIOS so I have to use boot disk.
After seeing welcome message (welcome to Red Hat linux
7.3) , I just press Enter to boot(For graphical
installation).After that I chose a language and after
that a country.then is when I get an error message.I
get this error saying " the Red Hat linux CD was not
found in any of your CDROM drives.Please insert the
Red Hat linux CD  and press ok to retry".
I get this error after I choose Local CDROM as type of
media that contains the packages to be installed.
Does anyone have any idea?
I am in desperate need of help.
I really appreciate if someone help me to solve this
Long live linux.




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