Redhat linux cds

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Wed Sep 25 08:12:49 EST 2002

ALi Jafarzadeh wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I've sent one email to everyone looking for redhat
> linux but I am still looking for it.I can't buy it
> through the web.I couldn't find any news agency that
> has redhat linux.If anyone knows any news agency that
> has redhat linux , could you please email the news
> agency's address to me and I will get it.By the way I
> am not able to download it through the web so the only
> way is left for me is to  go and buy it from
> somewhere(or some  one can give it to me).
> I usually go to ANU and I am studying there.IF anyone
> has the cds and wants to give them to me , we can meet
> there.
> I appreciate any help.
> A.J

The Technical Support Group in the Dept. of Computer Science (level
2 of the CSIT Building), has a student machine set up for students
to "burn" their own copies of free software etc. including RH7.3.

All you need to do is pop into the newsagency/stationary shop in the
Union Court, buy a couple blank CDs, come over to the TSG area at CSIT
and burn your own. At this time, there is even a "spare" copy of the
first disk that someone left here, so you really only need two more.


Bob Edwards.

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