Mandrake 9 CDs

Pearl Louis pearl.louis at
Tue Sep 24 23:49:14 EST 2002

On an interesting note, I was flicking through APC in the newsagency the 
other day when I came across a review of one of the Mandrake 9 Release 
Candidates.  On the top of the article in a sidenote it said that the next 
month's issue will contain the Mandrake 9 final release.  Since they said it 
will be a 3CD set I assume that it means they will include the full download 
version.  Anyway, so in case anyone is waiting for Mandrake 9 and doesn't 
have broadband (or you don't wish to bother downloading it), this may be a 
cheap way to get the release instead of paying $20-$30 to get it from an 
online Linux store (I say look at the magazine as coming free with the CDs 


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