OT: Power Supplies

Michael James michael at james.st
Fri Sep 20 00:09:50 EST 2002

If you want to wave a soldering iron,
 and have either the sense or stupidity to tackle 240 volts,
 Jaycar and Dick Smith have a little (~$30?)
 switch box kit designed for the job.

You plug your monitor, printer etc into it,
 it takes it's power direct from the wall,
 but also plugs into the USB port of your PC.

No 5 volts present => time to switch off all the peripherals.

Simple and it comes with a housing and insulation
 that would be safe at least probably even legal.

Another option is a special PC power supply from coolermaster
 which has 5 switched IEC plugs on the back.
Super quiet fan too, but it's not thermally controlled.

That was reviewed on Dan's Data months ago.

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