Server on small HDDs

Scott D. Ferguson scottf at
Tue Sep 17 13:11:33 EST 2002

I would like to install Linux onto an old computer (P120) which has 3 hdds (2 x 1.2Gb 1 x 1Gb), and use it as a server for a small network (Samba but not Apache).  Any suggestions for the most effecient way to partition the drives?

I will probably use RedHat 7.3.  
I have previously partioned hda (1.2Gb) as 20Mb boot, 256MB swap and remainder as /. 
hdb (1Gb) as /var.
hdc (1.2Gb) as /usr.

With such limited space I would like to use the space more efficiently - should I try some sort of RAID arrangement?  (RAID 0?)

My programming skills are minimal, though I have lots of patience (have previously installed Debian on a PS/2 (MCA bus with no scuzzy drives).
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