boot sectors

James McNeill james at
Tue Sep 17 13:00:24 EST 2002

can anyone help me...
We had a machine running NT4 server, that I was trying to replace with 
win98. (the server's functions were taken on by our new linux box ;}) 
 It was running fine, untill I reformatted the HDD. To cut to the point, 
it doesn't boot any more. :(
n. by 'not booting' I mean: system crashes hard as soon as the bios 
looks for MBR.
All the partitions are fine & Windows can install, but just not boot. 
I've fdisk /mbr & reformatted several times, but to no avail. Does 
anyone know if NT4 server does something crazy with th boot sector? 
According to Disk scanns, there are no defective sectors on the disk. 
All other hard disks can boot in the machine in question, and the 
problem HDD behaves the same in other host machines.
I'd rather not buy a new drive just yet, so, ideas?

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