Xnest and pc104 kb

Nemo - earth native nemo at nut.house.cx
Sun Sep 15 21:29:36 EST 2002

Nemo's dilemma for the day. 

I'm trying to setup a nice system for handling multiple X logins
simultaneously for the benefit of housemates. (one who is a
self-proclaimed "antigeek", and the other isn't quite as proficient with
computers). This will seem vaguelly familiar to anyone who has used
WinXP I guess...

The aim is for a decent level of UI-friendliness, as well as minimising

The solution I've come up with, which I think it pretty nice, is to run
a single top-level Xserver that talks to the hardware, logged in as a
generic "guest" type user, running a stripped down windowmaker. Then
within each workspace, I run Xnest - in which each user then gets their
own login. 

 - only one "real" Xserver, which in my meager testing, is more
resource friendly than running multiple "real" Xservers. 
 - when you switch workspaces, windowmaker flashes up the workspace name
   which I can nicely tie into the username. 
 - I can setup any keybinding I like within windowmaker to switch
   between workspaces, compared to being restricted to ctrl+alt+F# if I
   were to run multiple "real" workspaces. 

 - I can't get Xnest to see the pc104 kb I have. The "real" Xserver sees
   it fine, but Xnest sees a pc101. 

Wah! Xnest provides -xkbmap and xkbdb options, but I've failed in
finding what I should feed it. Anyone have an idea?

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