Routing question

Michael Still mikal at
Mon Sep 9 15:09:06 EST 2002


I have a network config which looks like:

  (Network x.y.z.*)
  |    x.y.z.6   |   Client end
         | (ppp over ssh vpn)
  |    a.b.c.d   |   Server end
  (Network 172.31.0.*)

So, the box x.y.z.6 connects to a.b.c.d with ssh, and then tunnels ppp
through it. This has worked fine for some time. For instance, I can telnet
to from x.y.z.6, and it just works.

Now, I want to be able to get to random hosts in x.y.z.* from the
172.31.0.* network.

To my understanding, I can't just go
  route add -net x.y.z.0 netmask dev ppp0

Because this means that ssh can no longer talk to x.y.z.6 to get the
traffic across.

My host specific routes don't seem to work. Can I have a hint please?



Michael Still (mikal at     UMT+10hrs

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