Is Novell still in the dark ages?

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You were watching a bad operator. I hope it's no one I know :-)

CONLOG.NLM logs console output to a file, and it's configurable (when it
rolls logs over etc.). It's loaded by default and writes to (from

The NetWare File System has the concept of "Last accessed".

Functionality at the NetWare console has always been limited. The model
is client/server and Novell don't bloat up the server footprint by
including a pretty interface to run commands in that should be run from
a management workstation. Since NetWare 5.0, though, there's been a
graphical console available. It's actually X-Windows. No NetWare sites I
know have it running.

NetWare 5.0 also introduced NSS - NetWare Storage Services - which
includes a journaling filesystem. I won't rave on about how good it is,
because it's only just starting to become useful/practical with NetWare

Of course, you might have an older NetWare server that doesn't have any
of this functionality. NetWare 5.0 came out around '98/99 and NetWare
4.0 was released around '93/94.

Don't try to compare NetWare with other operating systems that pretend
to be "server operating systems". NetWare isn't a client operating
system in disguise, therefore it doesn't provide much client
functionality at the console.

Dale (CNE, for what it's worth these days)

PS: Having said that, if you have the will and sufficient propellors,
you can do practically anything at a NetWare console.

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I recently got called to help a Novell engineer get a package running.

Pretty readily he admitted that my apache scripts
 had no bearing on his module loading,
 but he still wanted another opinion on his problem so I watched.

He was trying to get "Groupwise Agent" to load within "GWIA".
Every time he loaded the agent GWIA refused to start.

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