Is Novell still in the dark ages?

Paul Bryan pa_bryan at
Tue Sep 3 15:48:12 EST 2002

On Tuesday 03 September 2002 14:19, Dale Shaw wrote:

> Don't try to compare NetWare with other operating systems that pretend
> to be "server operating systems". NetWare isn't a client operating
> system in disguise, therefore it doesn't provide much client
> functionality at the console.

I thought the issue was command line tools to do various things on the server 

> "Can we do that again piped into a file?"  "What's a pipe?"
> "Can we switch on logging?" "It might already be on, but where is the
> logfile?"

I couldn't imagine trying to do things without the old faithfuls - grep, awk, 
pipes etc. You don't need a GUI with these around.

> Functionality at the NetWare console has always been limited. The model
> is client/server and Novell don't bloat up the server footprint by
> including a pretty interface to run commands in that should be run from
> a management workstation. Since NetWare 5.0, though, there's been a
> graphical console available. It's actually X-Windows. No NetWare sites I
> know have it running.

Theres no bloated server footprint from a nice GUI on unix unless you install 
it. We're talking about the power of the unix console, usually bash in the 
case of linux. It's not loaded till you login so you only "load" down the 
server when you run it. Wonderful stuff ;-)


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