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Matthew Hawkins matt at
Sat Nov 30 09:35:10 EST 2002

Simon Burton (simonb at wrote:
> There are many modules ready and waiting:
> [root at arrow drivers]# find | grep \\.o$ | wc
>     130     130    2295

Are you sure that's the number of modules, or simply the number of
compiled object code from the 3483 or so choices of .c source under
drivers/  ?  For example, the SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter driver is made
up of 19 linked .o files.

Still, 130 is a bit large for the dummy net driver ;)

Umm.. check that your .config has FOO_FEATURE=m for everything that you
want as a module.  Try building 2.4.20 instead of 2.4.19 in case this
was simply a "feature" of vanilla 2.4.19 (which I've never built ;)

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