Examples of 'dpkg --get-selection > packagesinstalled.txt' for firewall

Sam Couter sam at couter.dropbear.id.au
Sun Nov 24 23:46:02 EST 2002

Daniel <cottmain at plug.linux.org.au> wrote:
> Is there somewhere I can examples of classic package selections for
> firewalls on the net so I can look through to see if any of my packages
> stand out as unnecessary?

I don't know of any, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

However, I'll offer you some advice: I think you're looking at the
problem the wrong way around. I think you need you list of software that
you *do* want installed, and you should uninstall everything else.

There are some tools to help you here. I suggest debfoster as a way of
managing what packages you have installed. It tracks what packages you
really want installed and all their dependencies. Every time a package
makes it to the root of a dependency heirarchy (nothing else depends on
it), debfoster asks you whether you want to keep it. Simple and very
effective in reducing cruft.
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